Day 1 | Stair Circuit, Reverse Plank (Hold), Laying Down Flat Glute Squeezes, Plank (Knee to Elbow) Day 2 | Arm Fetch, Tricep Lean Backs, Hamstring Curls (One Side), Side Plank (Tucks) Day 3 | Squat and Throws, Push Up with Twist, Clam Shells, Dead Bug Hold Day 4 | Dog Hide and Seek, Rhomboid Push Up, Toy Rocks (Standard), Shimmies Day 5 | Run and Fetch, Pass the Toy Plank, Doggy Kicks, Twist Side-to-Side Day 6 | Butt Kicks, Crab Walks, Bark Up This Wall Hold, Pike Walk-Ins Day 7 | Walking Leg Kicks, Side Plank Walks, Squats, Plank (Alternating Twist) Day 8 | Stair Side Steps, Tricep Push Ups, Glute Bridge (Up and Down), Dead Bug Alternate Day 9 | Fetch and Chase, Chest Flies, Single Leg Touch Downs, Butterfly Hold Day 10 | High Knees, Dog Crawl (Hold), Curtsey (Pulse), Flutter Kicks Day 11 | Panting Scissor Jumps, Shoulder Push Up, Sumo Squates (Plie), Side Plank (Hold-Tuck Combo) Day 12 | Jumping Jacks, Standing Swimmers, Round the World Lunges, Scissor Leg Drops Day 13 | Squat Knee Lifts, Air Chin Ups, Doggy Kicks (Straight Leg), Side Plank (Hold) Day 14 | Puppy Skaters, Upright Rows, Chair Sits, Straight Arm Planks Day 15 | Treated Toe Taps, Tricep Walks, Squat Low (Diagonal), Leg Raises (One Bent, Single Leg) Day 16 | Dog Chase, Reverse Flies, Sumo Squat (Pulse), Plank (Forearms) Day 17 | Upper Cut Fetches, Arm Circles, Split Squat, Toe Touch to Opposite Hand Day 18 | Doggie Hops, Air Side Raises, Toy Rocks (Leg Out), Plank (Up Up Down Down) Day 19 | Walking Lunges, Tricep Kickbacks, Mini Deadlifts, Plank (Toe Taps) Day 20 | Walk with Your Dog, Air Press Ups, Laying Down Flat Glute Squeezes, Plank Shoulder Taps Day 21 | Doggie Play Date, Bicep Curls (Sitting), Runners Lunge, Plank (Spiders) Day 22 | Jog with Your Dog, Tricep Sit Throughs, Glute Bridge (Open and Close), Standard Slow Crunch Day 23 | Incline Push Ups, Dog Crawls, Sumo Squat (Hold), Leg Raises (Straight, Single Leg) Day 24 | Tricep Dips, Upright Row to Arm Raise, Walking Lunge, Alternating Bird Dogs Day 25 | Stair Circuit, Bicep Curls (Standing), Squat Low (Side to Side), Plank (Knee to Elbow) Day 26 | Dog Hide and Seek, Traveling Bear Crawls, Reach and Pull, Plank Walk Ins (Around Your Dog) Day 27 | Incline Walk, Doggy Plank, Walking Lunge with Twist, Butterfly Hold Day 28 | Run and Fetch, Traveling Crab Walks, Reverse Lunges, Plank Walk Outs (Around Your Dog) Day 29 | Panting Scissor Jumps, Tricep Kickbacks (Pulse), Glute Bridge (Pulse), Dead Bug Single Leg Tap Downs Day 30 | Stair Side Steps, Renegade Pets, Sumo Squat (Front-Back), Shimmies